Our Guidance and Advice

Shopping for your wedding dress is an experience unlike any other. It's precious and it's all about you. We also know that it can sometimes be a touch overwhelming simply because it is so different so, to help you prepare yourself and to make sure that you're relaxed before you've even opened our door, we've put together a few things you may be wondering prior to visiting us...

Before your appointment

Q: I'd like to come and see you and your wedding gowns – do I need to make an appointment?

Ivy Rose operates 'by appointment only' which, whilst it sounds very grand, simply ensures that we can give you our undivided attention whilst you're with us and means that you get the boutique all to yourself. You can make an appointment by calling us on 01304 829634 or by using the online appointment form.

Q: I have a budget in mind for my wedding dress. What is the price range at Ivy Rose?

Having a budget in mind with everything wedding related is a must! Our gowns start at £800 and go up to £1800 These prices exclude alterations and almost every gown will require some adjustments to make sure it looks amazing on your wedding day. We can give you an idea of alteration costs at your appointment.

Q: Is there parking near the boutique?

Yes, we have plenty of parking right outside the boutique.

Q: I've chosen my wedding dress and now I need to find my accessories – can you help?

Of course we can! We stock the most fantastic range of veils and bridal headpieces and there's lots to fall in love with here! Once your wedding gown arrives we will invite you in for a styling appointment, you'll have exclusive use of the boutique so you'll be able to try on everything and anything you like to find the perfect additions to your wedding gown.

At your appointment

Q: What should I expect at my appointment?

Well, we want you to enjoy every minute! We'll spend some time chatting about you and your wedding plans and from there we can start looking at what dresses will suit you best. Then, the wonderful moment of trying on the dresses can begin! We'll provide you with shoes to try on with the dresses and if you'd like to wear a strapless bra, that would be perfect and then your underwear won't interfere with the neckline of the dresses you try on. Please don't wear heavy make-up or instant tan on the day of your appointment as our dresses are made of beautiful, delicate fabrics that don't deserve to be spoiled!

Q: Do you have dresses in every size for me to try on?

We hold samples in sizes 8-20 so there's every chance you'll be trying on a dress that isn't your size so you'll need a little bit of imagination! We use clips and pins to hold the sample dresses in place whilst you try them on. Your dress will be ordered in your size and fit perfectly after our super talented seamstresses have tailored it to you.

Q: Can I take photos during my appointment?

We don't allow photography in the boutique, partly to protect the creative integrity of the designers we stock but also because a photo of you in a sample dress won't be a true reflection of how you'll look on your wedding day. Please make your guests aware of this.

Purchasing your dress

Q: How do I pay for my wedding dress?

For the dress itself, we require a 50% non-refundable deposit before we order it. When your dress arrives with us, we'll invite you back to try it on and to clear your balance within 14 days of us receiving the dress.

Q: Do you offer any finance plans?

We do offer a payment plan option for brides who have more than 12 months to there wedding day.

Q: I've purchased my dress but I don't have room to keep it at home – can you store it at the boutique until the wedding?

Yes, we can store your wedding dress with our store and insure service for a cost of £50 this means we will look after you dress for you up until the week of your wedding.

Fittings and alterations

Q: You've mentioned my dress will need alterations for the perfect fit – do you arrange these for me?

Absolutely! Every Tuesday between 11am and 7pm, we have all of our fittings appointments. Our in house seamstress will be in the boutique especially to carry out your fitting. You'll need to bring along your wedding day shoes and underwear to this appointment (and to all fittings) so that your gown is adjusted correctly. Your first fitting will take place approximately 12 weeks before your wedding.

You're also welcome to use your own seamstress if that works best for you.

Q: How much do alterations tend to cost?

As alternations can vary for each bride, we do not include alterations in the purchase price of your dress. However we will provide you with a guide on pricing when you purchase your gown so you know what to expect.

We also offer a VIP fitting package if you would like to use our seamstress & boutique for all of your wedding party.